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Our Mission:

Our mission is to cultivate our children's analytical, critical thinking, and problem solving skills by teaching them how to design and create with cutting edge technology tools.


21st Century Skills:

Our classes are designed to cultivate the thought processes of young learners while they have fun. They will analyze and reason to determine the correct syntax while coding their video games. The students will think critically and problem solve while determining how to build, program, and utilize the correct sensors on their robots. They will plan, direct, and use their artistry when creating their stop animation movies. The students will enhance their leadership skills, communication skills, and presentation skills as they prepare for their culminating activity. 

About us:

LearnTEC, Inc. is a company that was created to promote student achievement through technology enrichment classes both after school and during summer camps. We have over 18 years of experience teaching children science, technology engineering, and math concepts. We believe that when our children are exposed to a safe environment and given the opportunity to learn in an engaging student-centric classroom, they will be on a trajectory for success.

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